Differences Between Smoking Cigarettes And Weed

If you are a cigarette smoker you may think that your tobacco addiction is not as harmful as smoking weed, which is an illegal thing to do.  On the other side, weed smokers that don’t smoke cigarettes sometimes can boast that the drug they have chosen is safer that smoking cigarettes. When it comes to smoking cigarettes vs. weed, one thing is sure, both cigarettes and weed have damaging effects. And if you smoke cigarettes and weed simultaneously, you automatically suffer from the health risks of both drugs.

Social and societal stigmas of smoking cigarettes vs. weed

Weed smoking is illegal for recreational use; however, some states allow the use of marijuana for strictly medical purposes. Cigarette smoking is legal for adults over 18. There are laws that restrict the use of cigarettes, but they are different from state to state. In some states, smoking can be illegal in public places, bars and restaurants, while some states permit smoking in bars. When we speak about smoking cigarettes vs. weed in a social context, we must say that both of them have social stigmas attached. If you smoke weed, the society will see you as a non productive fool, and if you are a cigarette smoker, you will be accused by the society due to the effects of second hand smoke and the litter caused by cigarette butts.

Health effects of smoking cigarettes vs. weed

Cigarettes are bad for the health and that is well known. You have a risk of heart disease, lung cancer, high blood pressure and emphysema if you are a smoker. Weed, on the other hand, has greater potential to cause cancer. However, marijuana is not the cause for head, neck or lung cancers. If you think about smoking cigarettes vs. weed and how they affect your health, you should know that both can cause coughs and lung infections and increase the risk of heart attack because they raise the heart rate and the blood pressure. Marijuana should be tested and further research should be carried out by The American Medical Association in order to find out if marijuana can be used for medical purposes. For now, smoking marijuana can help in increasing appetite and relieving pain.

Psychological effects of smoking cigarettes vs. weed

Smoking weed cause a high euphoric effect that can last up to three hours. On some occasions, this can be accompanied by some unpleasant feeling, such as panic, anxiety and paranoia. Have in mind that long term usage of marijuana can impair your short term memory and learning skills. Cigarette smokers believe that smoking actually relaxes them and helps them deal with stress, and helps them focus as well. However, this claim is caused in fact by the side effects of nicotine withdrawal. This includes increased anxiety that is relieved by more nicotine intake. Actually if you want to know the difference of smoking cigarettes vs. weed in a psychological context, the truth is that both cause dependence. If you stop using either drug, the symptoms may withdraw.