The American Spirit Cigarettes – Everything you need to know

The American Spirit cigarettes brand is a company that manufactures cigarettes which don’t contain any additives. This statement was a big problem to some government officials. They considered it to be misleading people that the American Spirit cigarettes are healthier then the rest of the brands. However their statement was changed to “No additives in our tobaccodoes NOT mean a safer cigarette”. This change was the result of a FTC ruling after a research from the German and US government identified a lot of toxins even in the additive-free tobacco. On March, 2010 the agreement was made between Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and the California Attorney General that a disclaimer will be put on all packs stating that these cigarettes aren’t healthier or safer even if they don’t contain any additives. This legislation was signed by 32 other states.

American Spirit Cigarettes can be found in five blends of tobacco: original, 100% US grown, 100% organic, Perique Rich Robus and Perique Rich. There are 13 different varieties of packs available on the market. Each pack is different from the rest in terms of blend of tobacco and the thickness of the filter.

american spiritApart from the American Spirit Cigarettes, American Spirit also sells rolling tobacco. There are two packages available: 40 grams and 150 grams.

Although this is an American company, the American Spirit cigarettes are available worldwide. They can be found in the UK in most tobacco specific stores. There are only two packs available in the UK – blue and yellow.

You can find the American Spirit cigarettes in most countries in the European Union as well. However, after a legislation in 2003, the amounts of tar and nicotine were limited to a lower number than some American Spirit varieties. This legislation also affected the names of the cigarettes as the names including full flavor, lights, ultra-light and mild were banned. It was considered that these names might be misleading people to believe that some cigarettes are safer than others. Research has shown that the difference if very small in effect to health if any. Last on the list of this legislation was that every company had to start printing a warning on their packs which would outline the risks the smoker is taking and what are some possible outcomes. This statement needs to be written in the home language depending on the country the cigarettes are being sold in.

This greatly reduced the American Spirit cigarettes sales.

However, American Spirit cigarettes offer a very unique experience that smokers greatly appreciate. The clear taste of American tobacco without any additives is deemed irreplaceable. Additives are mainly added in cigarettes to change the taste or adjust it to best suit the consumers. The best part about American Spirit cigarettes is that they don’t have to do any of that. The tobacco is grown with great caution to preserve the clear taste which every American Spirit consumer can experience.

This website does not encourage smoking cigarettes. Smoking can harm your health and lead to fatal consequences in some cases.