The Difference Between Marijuana And Cigarettes

A very common dilemma between people is smoking weed vs cigarettes. There have been many disputes about the harmful effects of marijuana, compared to the negativities that smoking cigarettes brings to people. Everyone has their own opinion, but for the most part, people say that smoking marijuana brings far more problems, that overweigh the benefits. In this article, we will try to present some of those findings.

What is marijuana

Marijuana, pot, or weed as many people call it, is a mixture of shredded and dried flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves from a plant known as Cannabis sativa. The main active chemical ingredient of the marijuana is delta 9 TLC (tetra hydro cannabinol). Besides the TLC, marijuana has many more chemical ingredients (some say close to 60), and they all are called cannabinoids. Many research studies showed that cannabinoids could be used to control some symptoms in various situations. It is also used in the treatment of some medical conditions. Because it is considered a drug, it poses some health risks as well. We will talk more about the risks and benefits of marijuana in the next section.

Benefits and risks of marijuana

Marijuana is used as an aid in treating some conditions for many years. Until the 1940s, it was an approved drug by the government of the United States of America, but many political parties pressured the government to lift that grant. Marijuana is used for the alleviation of nausea, pain, and many other side effects that cause discomfort. Using marijuana will help you with nausea. The main ingredient of marijuana is TLC, and the best medical use of TLC is treating nausea. Mild to moderate nausea caused by many other conditions can be treated with the of marijuana. Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure in the eyes is elevated. Marijuana lowers that pressure, according to some studies in the 1970s. Back in the 1800s, marijuana was widely used as a painkiller. It is thought that marijuana can alleviate pain caused by cancer, as well as codeine can. Cannabinoids also help with the pain relief, but only if the dose is smaller. People that suffer from multiple sclerosis also use marijuana, in order to treat muscle spasms, pain, and tremors caused by this disease. We mentioned earlier that using marijuana has some negative sides as well. One of them is that it is illegal everywhere around the world, except in the Netherlands. The health risks that come with using marijuana are the impaired motor skills, reduced capability of thinking, solving problems, impaired memory, misbalance and reduced coordination, bigger risk of heart attack, risk of infections on the respiratory tract, hallucinations, and chronic coughing. While smoking marijuana, TLC quickly spreads from the lungs, through the blood, and into the brain and many other organs. When it reaches the brain, it causes hallucinations, or the “high” that everyone is talking about.


When it comes to the smoking weed vs cigarettes battle, every side has its own arguments. Although many people, and with the right reason, say that marijuana is a valid medication, governments all around the world still do not want to consider the fact to legalize the usage of marijuana, for any purpose. Cigarettes on the other hand, bring a great boost to the economy of many countries, and a stronger economy is a thing that every government strives to do. Not that the health of people is not important, but the thing is that there are many other effective ways of treating diseases that can be treated with marijuana.